Local and National numbers

From as little as £5.00 per month you could own a local geo 0161 or Non Geo 0845, 0800.


We supply a wide range of number around the country which can be forwared to another telephone number or Hosted on our telephony platform.

03/0845/0800 National/Business Phone Numbers

03/0845/0800 numbers are UK wide National numbers and not associated with a specific geographic location and ideal for business.


Cost to the caller

The cost of calling an 03/0845/0800 number is the same as a standard landline number whether you are calling from a landline or mobile. Most Networks including mobile's include 03 numbers in their FREE inclusive monthly call plans, meaning potentially caller's can call FREE even from their mobiles. You incur the cost of the free 0800 call.


03 numbers are ideal for replacing 084 and 087 numbers

Need to replace your existing 084 or 087 numbers quickly or supplement your 0800 number with an 03 number for mobile callers? Then contact LMC today on 0161 714 4400 and see just how quickly LMC can get you up and running and Ofcom compliant today!


Charities, Public Sector and not-for-profit bodies

0300 numbers have been set aside for Charities, Public Sector and not-for-profit organisations.


Local Geo Number such as 0161

A local geo number can make your business look better just as replacing a hotmail account with a proffesional doman would.  We can either host the number on our Telephone platform or forward the number to another number of your choice.  Call today to see what numbers you could have for your business.