IT Support Contracts

We have a team of specialists/contacts available from their own fields. Each specialist has been carefully chosen over the years through existing work or work previously carried out. We use them when needed meaning lesser overheads and no need to charge hundreds of pounds per hour.


How long is a contract at LMC?

There’s nothing worse than getting tied into long contracts that are impossible to get out of. That’s why at LMC we have rolling 3 monthly contracts with clear billing. We also have a 3 month notice period meaning you can leave your contract at any time without being tied down as oppose to a yearly.

What’s included in a support contract with LMC?

  • Preferential treament compared to AD-HOC

  • Unlimited telephone, remote, and on-site support (9am to 5pm Mon to Fri)

  • 24/7 remote system monitoring

  • Cybersecurity advice

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Strategic IT guidance

Extras we can also provide

  • 24/7 IT Support

  • Managed AntiVirus